The Joseph Kfoury Studio is the brainchild of its eponymous artist, born of a singular vision that seeks to brand the industrial design scene with a stirring, passionate mark. Continually finding himself dissatisfied with the rampant status quo, the man behind the brand constantly explores news ways to transcend the mundane and banal, envisioning a new class of design that engages its viewer on more than just the visual level, blurring the line between the tangible and the conceptual, reality and fantasy.

In cooperation with a multidisciplinary team of talents from various creative backgrounds, the studio benefits from the designer’s international academic and professional training: Having perfected his craft in both Paris and Milan, he straddles the divide between these contrasting yet complementary schools, balancing the intellectual, deliberate French method with the more intuitive feeling of the passionate Italian approach.

Finding such a balance is at the heart of the studio’s design philosophy: “Paradoxical equilibrium”.

Intrinsically woven in our visual doctrine, achieving a sense of equipoise is a pivotal step in every journey we pursue, harmoniously merging the traditional and the unorthodox, the cryptic and the obvious, the poised and the crude, the plain and the elaborate.

It is through this arduous process fueled by the fires of creative passion that pragmatic and meaningful designs are forged.